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Dance Shows & Salsa Classes in Cuba

Welcome to the Kubasoy dance company based in Havana, Cuba!

Through our musical performances and Salsa dance classes, we proudly provide an authentic insight into Cuban culture and tradition for both Cubans and our foreign visitors. 

Upcoming Events

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Learn Salsa in Cuba! - Dance Classes

Visiting Havana? Complement your Cuban culture experience with some dance classes. Learn Salsa, Bachata, Merengue or one of many more styles. We offer flexible classes with experienced teachers for beginners, intermediate or advanced dancers.


Learn Salsa in Cuba

About the Kubasoy Dance Company

Kubasoy is a company which offers musical performances that provide an authentic insight into Cuban culture and tradition. 


Find out about our background and meet the Kubasoy group members.


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Cuban Dance Company

Performances & Dance Classes in Havana

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