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Kubasoy Dance Company in Havana, Cuba

About Kubasoy

KUBASOY is a company which offers musical performances that provide an authentic insight into Cuban culture and tradition. Both music and dance shows fill any stage with beauty, vibrancy and the Cuban spirit, giving the performances a unique touch.


Salsa Classes

Visiting Havana? 


Complement your Cuban culture experience with some dance classes. Learn Salsa, Bachata, Merengue etc. with experienced instructors. 


Learn Salsa in Cuba

Having completed studies in IT and gathered experience in the world of performing arts - for example in the Conjunto Folklórico Ilú Ashe of the University for Information Technology and semi-professional groups such as Villa de San Cristóbal - various professionals and amateur artists got together again on 15 June 2014 to found the project KUBASOY.


The first rehearsals took place in the aula de danza of the Casa de la Cultura in the municipality 10 de Octubre, Havana, Cuba. From the very start, the main interest and aim of the project was to continually improve and train the dancers so that they achieve our desired style as well as the structured and synchronised working method that reflect our philosophy.


In its beginnings, the project was composed of four couples of dancers, a director and a choreographer. The organisational form remains in place but has grown to encompass 7 dancing couples and three singers, completing and consolidating the project's team.

Group Members


Read about the backgrounds and careers of the Kubasoy members.


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Cuban Dance Company

Performances & Dance Classes in Havana

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