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Kubasoy Dance Company in Havana, Cuba

Performances & Events

Classes in Europe by Herson Fernadez, Reynier Avila y Dalia Lima.

We will be in Europe for 2 month viviting some dance school all over Europe. Belgium, Norway, Switzerland and Germany.

Herson Fernandez:

Norway from August 30 untill September 12

Switzerland from September 13 untill September 27

Germany from 27 September untill October 6

Belgium from October 6 untill October 31.

Reynier Avila

Belgium September 11 untill November 6

Dalia Lima:

Belgium September 11 untill September 19

Switzerland September 19 untill October 6

Belgium October 6 untill October 30

Cuban Dance Company

Performances & Dance Classes in Havana

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